You did not buy my book...

but thats OK...we are still friends!

From The Desk of Niels Kaastrup-Larsen
Walchwil, Switzerland 

Dear Friend,

As you can see, I have "attached" a One Dollar Bill to the top of this page. Why have I done this? Actually there are two reasons.

  • I have something very important to tell you and I wanted to make sure that this page would catch your attention.
  • And secondly, since what I'm writing about concerns ways you make more money from your investments, I thought showing a Dollar Bill as an "eye-catcher" was especially appropriate.

Here is what it's all about. 

Despite you not jumping at the chance of getting my book...I don't want you to completely miss out...and in a moment I will give you a very cool little tool that I think you will find both useful and enjoyable...

It's a tool that I was inspired to suggest to my colleagues that we should develop whilst doing the final edits to this unusual book in some peoples view, because Katy and I really went all in to see if we could successfully blend finance and passion... something that is not often seen on the book shelves.

If you consider the possibility of having a safer yet better-performing portfolio, you may find yourself thinking, “That’s not possible!” If so, I understand. I once felt that way, too. 

I urge you, though, not to waste much of your precious time worrying about whether it’s possible. You see… in the book we’ll share our research and real-life experience, as well as that of a few Nobel Prize winners, to prove it is possible. 

The only question is whether you’ll let it be possible for you. 

If you’re willing to accept that possibility, you are on your way to experiencing real change in your life.


Katy Kaminski


Niels Kaastrup-Larsen

BUT we all need to start somewhere and often it's a change in our mindset that is required and what I'm about to give you is a tool that will help you visualize your current portfolio as well as what it could look like if you add additional diversification using trend following.

It's a simple tool and will only take you a few minutes to start using it...but don't let its simplicity fool you. If you take it serious and embrace really could change your financial future.

The Portfolio Builder Tool is developed by the company I work for and due to regulation, you have to first confirm that you are an Accredited Investor and then you get access to this powerful tool. Just follow this link to get started:
Portfolio Builder Tool.